Where Does Health Come From?

The nervous system is the first system to fully develop in utero. As early as three to four weeks the brain, spinal cord and nerves are visible. This system consists of an estimated 100 billion nerve cells (neurons). These neurons communicate via the spinal cord providing a link between your brain, body and the outside world.

The nervous system receives sensory information from the environment and communicates that information to effector organs – whether that is muscles (move my arm) or organs (pump blood into my heart). This communication occurs either at a spinal level or in the brain via the spinal cord.

To have healthy function in the body, the nervous system needs two things.

1. Supportive Sensory Information from its Environment (good movement, good nutrition, good thoughts)

2. A Clear Pathway to Communicate the Message Efficiently and Effectively (spinal cord and nerves working clear of interference).

With these two aspects in place, the outcome is a healthy functioning system that is thriving in a state of growth and development from the inside.

 Haavik Diagram

Haavk. H, 20097

However, without one, or both, of these aspects (abnormal information or abnormal integration of the information) the system is challenged, deprived and overall limited. Over time a system that is operating in this deprived and challenged state will loose energy, show signs of dysfunction and eventually manifest dis-ease.

Enriching the Brain Body Connection:

Whilst chiropractic does not claim to cure specific health issues, the emerging basic science research is exploring how chiropractic adjustments improve the communication and feedback between the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord) and the body.

In short, chiropractic helps the brain make more
accurate decisions for the body.

It is this impact on the neurology that makes the chiropractic profession unique and an essential part of promoting health, growth and development for people of all ages.


If you want to know more about how your chiropractic care is contributing to you and your families health, leading chiropractic and neurophysiology researcher – Dr Heidi Haavik has just written a very clear and concise overview:  The Reality Check

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