The Safety Pin Cycle Function…


This month at Functional Health our theme is The Safety Pin Cycle … mmm you say?

What we love about chiropractic so much is that it is so simple.  Unfortunately through the years we have done a great job at confusing and complicating what we do and why we do it.  Here at Functional Health we are on a mission to simplify health, awaken people to recognise their power within and get everyone up to speed on what Chiropractic is really about!!

So in a nutshell, the body heals itself … brain and body communicate in order for us to do – well everything … stressors (physical, chemical or mental) can disrupt this communication causing interference (subluxation) and the adjustment supports the brain and body to address the interference thus getting on with – well everything!  Simple right?

And what does that have to do with the safety pin you ask?  A closed safety pin represents the brain-body connection  without an interference (thus all is connected).  The open safety pin represents a breakdown in this communication (subluxation) between brain and body.  The adjustment facilities the reconnection of brain and body.


This month we have been asking YOU how you feel when you are disconnected/dysfunctioned and what you notice after an adjustment when the body and brain are connected/functional.   We are loving the insights and responses and seeing the light switch on inside as you have yet another reminder that Health doesn’t have to be complicated … It just has to be Functional!



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