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James Neilson-Watt
Functional Health Practitioner™
Delsey Daruwalla
Functional Health Practitioner™
Our Mission
- We believe there is a universal point of optimal human potential that anyone can achieve and function above. 

- This point is beyond the barriers of what most would consider being in a state of ‘not sick’ or ‘without disease’. 

- It is a state in which you are simultaneously achieving optimal quality of life, personal growth and life satisfaction, which means you are not being pulled down by the day to day stresses of life and can go with the flow of your environment instead of being controlled by it.
- We help people gain confidence back in their lives and assist them to get back on track with their health and function. 

- Our solutions give people the opportunity to restructure and align their lives and everything in it, to the way they would want.
- We bring people back to the quality of life they deserve, and we feel that we have one of the best solutions for their on-going health, stress and pain issues in New Zealand.
What you can expect At Functional Health
Support Injury Recovery/Prevention
Injuries can quickly turn into long term issues if they're not properly managed and supported. This is where Functional Health excels.
Increased Physical Performace
We improve your bodies physical performance to allow you to get out and do everything you love.
Improved Quality of Life
What's the point in being pain-free if you can't do everything you love? We improve your quality of life not just your pain. 
Increased Health & Happiness
Become happier, healthier and more connected to yourself, your friends, family and other loved ones.
Increased Emotional Wellbeing
Your overall well-being is a combination of your physical, mental and emotional health. We have specific solutions for mental and emotional wellbeing.
Long-Term Results
We make it our goal to create long-term results rather than short-term pain relief.
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